Humanist Celebrant

Daniel Blinn, Rocky Hill, CT


My preference is to work collaboratively with couples  to create a ceremony that will be personally significant. Although I have many sample ceremonies to consider, I encourage couples to play an active role in designing a ceremony that will have meaning for them.  I am happy to provide as much guidance and assistance as they may desire.

I recognize that the religious sensitivities of family members can sometimes be an important consideration for couples.  I am pleased to work with the family to incorporate religious customs and rituals. I am also able to co-officiate at Interfaith Weddings.   I am very pleased to work with both mixed sex and same sex couples.


Baby Welcomings

Many traditions incorporate a custom of welcoming babies into the community.  I am pleased to work with parents in celebrating new life. 

Memorial Services

I am also available for Memorial Services.  I will work with family members to help create an appropriate tribute and celebration of your loved one's life.